Patrick Recob

Traditional Blues For The New Millennium!

Direct from Kansas City:

PATRICK RECOB (pronounced Ree-Cobb) takes center stage with the release of his solo debut recording PERPETUAL LUAU on his new label Mr. Lucky’s Blues Recording Co. with a worldwide release scheduled for May 5th, 2017.

The album features 13 original songs by Recob produced by James Harman & Nathan James. Recorded at Sacred Cat Recording Studios in Oceanside, California October and November 2016, Perpetual Luau features musical performances by James Harman, Nathan James, Mike Bonedaddy Tempo, Marty Dodson, Laura Chavez.

Recob is an alumni of the Gary Primich Band of the 1990s, Lee McBee in the 2000s and as a bassist to many touring blues artists over the last twenty-five years.

For the Hank Mowery release, “Account To Me," which won the Blues Foundation’s IBC Best Self Produced CD Award for 2014, Recob was recognized for his work as the Associate Producer, and co-wrote some of the material on the album.

"To Some Souls Life's A Party, To Others It's A Perpetual Luau. Stay In That Perpetual State Of Bliss!”


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